I have been posting so infrequently, that when I do go to write, I feel scatterbrained!

I have a little over 2 weeks until classes start! I am getting really excited at this point, especially at school supplies (yay click pencils and big erasers and nice new notebooks and calculators etc. etc.)!

I have been sewing a little bit, as well as working on some paintings for my brother Kevin. They are loosely based on fractal vegetables called romanesco. It's been fun to paint, pretty much for the first time since leaving art school. Although I will say, I really don't like acrylic paint. It dries so fast, doesn't mix nicely, and just doesn't feel nice on a brush. I'm not much of a painter though, so it'll do for now!

For New Year's, we went to my brother Damien's house in Conshohocken. He was having a party, and it was so nice to feel like we were "partying" for New Year's. We left at 9 PM to head up to Doylestown, where we stayed overnight at Tray's mom's apartment. We got Ooka sushi and passed out at 9:30. Fern would NOT go to sleep, and continues her terrible sleeping patterns. We see an ear, nose, and throat specialist on January 23rd. Phew!! Please, someone get this girl some relief.

Here are some photos:
The cloth diapers I am working on:cloth diaper closed up
My cutie baby:
Mommy and Fern


  1. we are taking sullivan to the ent doc. as well. what's with the ear problems? I admit I haven't done ANY research, but we're working on #5 right now...I know that I had tubes in my ears when I was younger because of chronic ear infections, but there must be some alternative to going under and having it done. maybe I should read back in your blog a bit...you've definitely been more in tune with the world of the ear canal.