Nothing Exciting

I have nothing exciting to post. I started working on the paintings I am doing for my brother Kevin. I have been working on my website a tad. I haven't been in my studio at all (except about 15 minutes yesterday). I made two Etsy sales over the weekend! One was a cute custom baby hat that was quite a challenge. Highly enjoyable! We are going on a cruise next week, and that has been occupying my mind. Fern has another cold and continues to sleep horribly, so that is also what my mind has been up to. She has an appointment to see a specialist for her ears in January, and we really hope they can help us sort things out. Meanwhile, I am waiting for her to get another ear infection with this cold, but worrying about flying and cruising with a sick babe!!

Any suggestions for flight and cruise creativity? The flight is 2.5 hours, and the cruise doesn't really offer many kid's activities.
Oh, I sold one of my flickr photos of my girls to a small book company. They will be hopefully using it in a baby book about families. Exciting!

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  1. all those things are pretty great!

    laptop and headphones are about as creative as i get with those kinds of trips. although what's the cruise?