During our visit to Carversville on Sunday, I was speaking with my friend Julie about gardening. We walked to her neighbor's garden and our girls picked some of the vegetables. This garden was quite impressive. It seemed to be laid out very well, and though the plants weren't perfectly pruned, things seemed to be going smoothly. The plants were producing beautiful fruit. I asked Julie if she cared for gardening. It made me think about all of the plants I killed this past summer. I just feel like I don't have the discipline for daily tending to a garden. There is something in my soul that craves to create and nurture plants and help them do what they were made to do, but on the other hand, I feel another part of me that wants to reject that and rebel and not tend.
Joshua spoke about community being like a vineyard where we are all growing and should be producing fruit. I am glad that I am a plant whose Keeper cares and is dedicated and wants to provide me with space and soil and nutrients and sunlight and water. And I am also grateful that I am surrounded by others who are also being nurtured and tended for their growth, who can offer encouragement and support.


  1. I'm heavy into this, this morning. Especially the craving aspect. Crave is a word I've been meditating on. Thanks Marni. Maybe more thoughts to come on my own blog. We'll see....

  2. good one! i'm also glad to have people who will dig a trench around me, too.