Fern, Sage and Cosima

Fern, Sage and Cosima
Fern, Sage and Cosima,
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This is my first time posting directly from Flickr...how exciting! Here is another picture from yesterday's visit with the Dovans. Isn't Cosima beautiful?

Today I used the babysitting at the Columbia North YMCA for the first time. I was nervous, as any mom is when leaving her little ones with a new babysitter for the first time. It went great!! I got to go up and see where they play. There is a daycare on site there, and they play with the day care kids on the rooftop playground! Sage had a blast and cried when I came back, and Fern seemed pretty happy as well! Plus, Mama got a workout in, and I was so energized for that last hour before nap. What a treat.

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  1. the daycare there is such a good idea if you can pop by for an hour. we did it once when we were members, but our attendance slowed down and we eventually weren't even going. $25/mo down the tubes!