different pops!

Okay, so why do the Tootsie Roll Pops that come in a bag taste different than the ones that come in the bunch? The bunch ones are smaller and taste much more like poop, noticed especially when you get down to the last colors (for me, orange and brown)!?
Also, why is it that completing things is so hard (i.e. a car trip, a sewing project, a meal, cleaning, laundry)? It takes me so much discipline to FINISH.
Lastly, I am really nervous about my race on Sunday, and also about hearing the results of the contest.
I am such a nerd!!!


  1. you're right about the brown ones. yuck.

    if you had a choice to win either the sewing machine or the race, which would it be?

  2. bah ha ha that is such a hard question! i don't know, i'm going to have to mull over it for a couple hours. but on first instinct, the machine. longer lasting effects that benefit more than just me!

  3. brown is my favorite!! They are always the first to go at our house-- chocolaholics that we are.