We spent Sunday morning with Tray's best friend from childhood and his family. Well, the Dads went mountain biking and the girls hung out in their home in Carversville, Pa. What a beautiful, historic, amazing home! They live in NYC during the week, but come down to this house on the weekends. They have two little girls, Cosima and Phillipa. Here is Sage with Phillipa. They played so well together. The moms enjoyed some coffee while the girls played with dolls and bikes and cardboard boxes.
We walked to their neighbor's garden and picked some basil and tomatoes. Yum.


  1. sage looks awesome- what happened to her little nose?

  2. climbing accident...she loves climbing out of her pack'n'play at nap time and usually survives great, but had an awkward fall this time!

  3. sounds fun. cute names for those kids!