The dress is done, except for finishing the length of the shoulder straps.
It is completely recycled cotton: the main dress material is made from t-shirts and other pieces of cotton knit that were donated to me (or were my t-shirts). The facing (inside) is made from an old sheet, cut on the bias (diagonal) for stretch (because the t-shirts stretch a lot). This was the first time I made pockets. The buttons are all selvedge from old clothes also!
I still plan on doing a photo session with the outfit ON me, but I must be honest, I don't know if or when I'll ever wear this! First of all, I am nursing now, so not only do I not get out a lot, but baby has to have access to her food!
Secondly, I didn't really plan the color scheme. Overall, I don't love the materials or colors, there is no rhyme or reason to them. This was more of a learning experience for me, rather than an attempt to make something I would wear a lot. So, in that respect, I was successful.
Thirdly, it is VERY low cut. Like, so low cut that I would have to wear something underneath, and I don't know what that would be yet.
The buttonholes were tough on a couple layers of stretchy material, and the directions were difficult to follow at times, and putting a side zipper in was really tough!!
I am excited to have finished my first adult-sized garment, and look forward to many more.


  1. i love that color scheme. the dress looks awesome

  2. that dress is so cute and comfy! I bet it looks awesome on you.