Diamondman Triathlon

A photo of me laughing as I get passed by some 50+ year old man!

So, I am back from the race, and it was SO FUN! Tray and I are just really stoked that we can do these types of things. Just 6 or so months ago, we both had the overwhelming feeling that we'd never get to do ANYTHING fun again (Fern being a tough infant)...and now it seems like we've had a couple weeks of fun activities and sleepovers. I am realizing that it's not that Fern is necessarily an "easier" baby, it's just that we are doing things regardless of her temperament. Getting out and about and traveling makes me feel less stuck to this concrete jungle.
Last night, Tray got home from work and we went down to Delaware to stay overnight near the race. It was so fun to go on our "special trip"! The girls didn't go down until like 9:30, and we were up at 5, but it was so fun.
The race was a blast! I was more nervous than I would like to admit, but it was fine! I worried about not having a wetsuit because they quoted the water at 72 degrees, but it was fine, and was actually 78! Beautiful lake! The ride was gorgeous, but long, and the run was just 2 miles. Only one person passed me on the run! I anticipate seeing my times, but I know that I had a blast. Tray did great with the girls, and was helped out by our friend's daughter Mia. It was a smaller triathlon, so it was so fun to come through transition and see their smiling faces!
I haven't taken pictures of the dress yet...it's on my to-do-list. I am too tired to walk upstairs to get it right now!
Hmm, what's next? I think another Tri next weekend...but it's $100 and that's a fine fee, especially for hubby taking off work again.
Speaking of hubby, mine is the best. He has been so overwhelmingly supportive of my training and my races. From helping and encouraging me to get out the door for daily workouts, to getting me equipment, to being willing to devote his weekend to my races. He is one heck of a fella, and I love him!
Here are my results, I am suuuuper stoked on a sub-8-minute-mile pace for the run, that is unheard of in my running career!!

Oh, and apparently the contest I entered the video in will not be announcing the winner for another 2 weeks!!! They received over 100 entries and are taking time to make a whole week devoted to them. Hmm.


  1. cool!! I just got my facebook answer. It's fun to follow you via on line world, though I hope our girls meet before they are one. I'm proud if you girl, keep moving, it's a kick in my butt!

  2. so glad things are looking up for you! way to go triathlon lady!

  3. i agree you are a beast! that is so fast. way to go on the race. keeping my fingers crossed for the video. can i vote online or something?