Snags of the Weekend

I scored some seriously awesome deals this weekend. First, a free Trek bike trailer and jogging stroller in one. Score #1It only seats one, but that is fine. I am really excited to take the girls on special dates in the trailer (or bugger, as I used to call it when I was little and it was our only form of transportation with my mom).
Our bike trailer (which we actually were loaning from my dad) was stolen from behind our house about a year ago.
Second snag: an Oster bread machine for $15 today at Circle Thrift.. Score #2I am super excited! It is the same brand I've used for years at my mom's house, and I love it. I hope I can download a user's manual online, and some recipes. I made pretty tasty pretzels, pizza, and all types of breads in this before. Mostly I just make the dough and then bake it in the oven.

I finished the little closet valence I was planning on making for months now. I used an Ikea Index curtain rod, which is like $3 total. Their closet had ugly plastic doors on it before. I am so pleased with it!!Completed: #1 The scalloped edges were kind of a mystery (and sort of remain to be!), but it turned out great for its purpose.
My friend Lindsay, whom I have been friends with since 3rd grade, came over last night. We went out on the town on bikes and went to see our friend Lois play in Adam and Dave's Bloodline at Johnny Brenda's. It was, as Lindsay said, "So refreshing." Tons of laughter that just heals the soul. So far, an awesome weekend. And tonight, Tray is headed to see the Grateful Dead while I head out for my future sister-in-law's bachelorette party! Sweet!

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  1. Awesome find on the Trek thing! Thanks for volunteering to find me a stroller. I actually bought a used one from my friend. It's a Kelty. It is pulling to the left so I called Kelty. I am going to send it back and they are going to send me a brand new one. Awesome!