Sunday Night Inspiration

After some encouragement from an old friend, I decided to try out the 'Manual' setting on our digital camera. I've gone out the last two nights on my bike to shoot. This used to be a good exercise for me, and I've found my head in a lot of different places lately. 112

I also went to go see my friend Jon's documentary tonight: The Scrapper. It was really good and I want to think about it for the next couple of days, and hopefully talk to others who saw it.

Today, I took the girls and my dad and niece to the circus. I scored free tickets, and went even though it started at approximately NAP time. It was really cool, though part of me did want to stand outside with the PETA protesters and make a stand against animal cruelty. I am kind of on the fence about the circus, especially the whole 'entertainment at any cost' mentality. But here's a shot: Elephant Lineup

Also, today I sewed a cover for one of our dining room chairs. While it's not exactly my style to cover dining room chairs, it is my style as a mom. The furniture is taking a beating with two toddlers. Here's a finished product picture, click to see my flickr site where the work-in-progress is:
Chair Finished

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  1. I love the pictures at the beginnning, and that chair looks great!