Well, I feel excited!
My brother's wedding was beautiful and super fun. Here's a shot from it:
Beautiful bride!!!
My finals were both yesterday, which means I am done my first semester back at school! Everyone told me it would be "so hard" to go back, and yes, it was hard, but not "so hard".
I am also excited about this:
Check it out!!!
It might not look like much to you, but it's exciting for us! There is a grassy knoll behind our house that the city maintains, and they cleaned up another spot last week and mowed it too!! It used to be full of trash! We have really had a blast back there lately.

I am also excited about this:
Inside of bag
I made this yesterday. It's the first time I've sewn something like this. I should have followed the directions from Bows and Arrows more thoroughly though!
With the start of the summer, I am feeling excited about SheRox Triathlon, sewing a lot, napping a lot, and making lots of bread.

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