It occurred to me last night that the last blog post was severely lacking in props to two people who have helped me reach this goal of mine (finishing my first semester back at school).
Tray, my husband, is awesome. I still have a huge crush on him after 4 years of marriage, and I would not be doing all the things I am passionate about if it weren't for him. He is the best dad, hanging with the girls for so many hours while I studied or went to class, always with the best attitude. Working long hours and coming home and immediately going into 'dad-mode'. Working from home doing orders and building wheels to make up for time lost at the shop.
My mom is the other saint here. She watched the girls, free of cost, all day on Tuesdays. On most Fridays, she watched the girls so I could go have some study hours! She is the best mom and grandma anyone could ask for. I am so grateful for who she is and all that she gives, practically and emotionally. My girls are so blessed to have her as a grandma!! And I cherish her advice like no other.
Thanks, you two!! I love you.

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