Roman shades and 'Families'

I am working on some Roman shades for our bedroom. My mom gave me some pointers (she is a very experienced seamstress). I looked up instructions on the web. I bought material at Jomar on Sunday, and my mom gave me some lining material. I wanted something that was somewhat attractive, but mainly blocked the light well! I am making some for our room, and once I have some experience, I will make some for the girls' room.

I have actually really enjoyed making these! They are quite simple. I bought a kit which includes the Roman shade tape and other hardware. Today I sewed the tape onto the back of the blinds.
Now I need to get some dowels and the wood for installing the shades, and hopefully soon we'll have a nice window!
with roman shade tape sewn on
They've been installed! Check out the before and after pics:

I am REALLY happy with how they turned out. They took a little bit of patience for my amazing hubby to install (you are the best!). We are very excited about how much light they block, and how easy to use they are, and how beautiful they are.
I also want to announce the arrival of 'Families', a board book that Sage and Fern are in! It is about the similarities between animal and human families. You can look at a sneak peek here!!. Just click on the 'click here to see inside' link under 'Families'.


  1. My next goal is sewing - a future goal if you will. I use the camera to do the color - color accent. Fun huh?

  2. That's awesome! How did they get in the book?

  3. love the sneak preview. so adorable.