Pants Re-do

So today I finished the 2nd Roman shade for our bedroom. It turned out great, and the second one was MUCH easier to complete. Plus, we went to Home Depot (after trying at our local hardware store) to buy a Dremel!! I am so excited. So I used that to trim the dowels I had purchased, and the thing went up so quick! Right now it's blocking light in our other window, and our room actually feels like a bedroom!
Tonight, I finally went to work on my jeans that I made months ago (March, I think). They were my first pair of pants, if you can remember, and they had some issues in the butt and waist.
I was reading Vogue Sewing and actually felt like I should attempt to fix the issues with my butt being flat! So I took in a little bit in the center back seam, as well as the side seams. I had enough material left over to make a pseudo-high-waisted waistband.
I added snaps for the closures (and actually at the fly as well because I broke the zipper in the process). I love the way they fit now! Maybe a better picture to follow.

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