Tubes and Teeth

Today Fern had her ear tubes put in. The procedure went very well and she is playing on the floor behind me now (after a very long nap!). I am so grateful that the snow didn't pile up too high for us to get to the hospital this morning. I hope she is able to have some healthy weeks, or at least some time free from the constant pressure and pain of fluid-filled eardrums.
Fern post-op
Tomorrow, Tray ends his 4-year stint of being toothless. I don't know if I will be able to contain my giddy-ness!! He had a "flipper", which is like a retainer with the missing tooth on it. But the flipper only came out for "special" engagements (weddings, formal photo-ops, etc.). I can't wait for his transformation. If this sounds pretentious, forgive me.
Lastly, the muslin pants are "finished". Lots of mistakes that will hopefully help me NOT make the same mistake on the denim!


  1. I don't think it is possible for fern to get any cuter!

  2. aw, man. i had tubes like 3times before i was 3. i hope they help.

  3. That is a beautiful picture of Fern- those eyes!