Bike and Pants

The pants are coming along nicely. Again, I am really glad I made the muslin pair before starting the denim. At the suggestion of Melissa at Fehr Trade, I am using Gutterman upholstery-weight thread. It is so thick! My machine is handling it like a champ, and I am really pleased overall with its handling of several layers of denim.
I wanted to do some cool freehand embroidery, and I even started it. However, that is one area where the upholstery weight thread did NOT want to cooperate. I regret starting it, because now it just looks kind of silly. But, it's my first pair of pants, I am not going to sweat it.
Here is Sage holding them up for me. New JeansFreehand Embroidery gone wrong
I started riding a fixed-gear bike the other day. I have been intimidated by them for a while now. I had the white Soma frame, but it was really small and my toes would hit the wheel every time I turned. I like the bike, but I wouldn't be able to have toe-clips because it's so small. So riding fixed-gear on it would be tough. So, I am taking over Tray's track bike, which is actually Matt's bike, and Tray is going to build up a new track bike.
Tray and I are going to start shooting short video clips of the progression of his track bike skills. He can already bunny hop, wheelie, spin the handlebars 360° (whatever that's called!), and ride backwards for a short time. It's really fun to watch, and I know there are tons of people out there with skills, but whatever.

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