Jeans Disaster

Jeans, take oneThe jeans are done. Well, kind of...I didn't put a button on the waistband yet, but it doesn't matter. They ended up kind of messed-up!! The waistband ended up way too big for me somehow. The muslin pair was fine, maybe a little loose, but nothing like this!
I put the belt hoops in the wrong spots. I guess I should have done them on my muslin pair for practice!
However, I am really pleased with the cut of them-I altered the pattern to make them more straight-leg, and it turned out great. My goal was to be able to wear them on my bike without having to French roll. Nothing against French-rolling, it's just a hassle in cold weather for a girl who already has dry, ashy legs!! The hem length seems to be perfect so far, and I am really pleased with the top-stitching. I just have to figure out how to get the waist to fit me, as I have no experience what-so-ever with altering.


  1. i think they look awesome and your grading yourself out a tad harshly..

    i give you an A!!!

    PS: nice to see some sun out in the neighborhood too.. brian

  2. how bout a belt? or another baby?