Long Day

Yesterday was my longest day away from both of my girls. Tray took them to my mom's house and I stayed in the city for classes. How strange! It was weird to not be around them for so long, and to not put Fern down for her nap and not nurse her. I am not going to say I enjoyed it, it was just different. I like having time to myself, but I almost couldn't get enough time with them before bed last night. I don't think I want to be working full time right now.
The girls and I went to their friend's birthday party on Saturday. I made this little skirt for the birthday girl:
Here's a photo of the girls and I from two days ago:
3 girls
Currently, I am working on getting my school schedule ironed out for the next couple semesters. Dear Chemistry, I know you hate me and your one goal in life is to make me cry, but we will be meeting again in the fall. Go easy on me. I still don't get more than 3 hours of sleep a night.

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  1. very cute skirt!
    Also, you made be laugh with the note to Chem!