Tank Top

I ditched class today so I could sew. It was a computer lab and I don't feel guilty about it. I took a tank top that my sister-in-law gave me and tried to copy the design. I made my own pattern and stitched this puppy up in no time, including time for mistakes! I love the fit and plan on making a ton more, as my t-shirt stash was just refilled last weekend.
Tank 1 FrontTank 1 Back


  1. love this! and you look so bad ass with the sunglasses...

  2. Marni, I haven't taken the time to tell you I love your blog-mine is all ramblings of my mind. I love how you have creative projects always and the links on the side are so fun too. I often wish I could sew, but alas I am a bit lacking there. Keep up your great work!