WIP: First Pair of Pants

Since I failed a test last week, I know I should be using every spare moment to study. However, I feel a bit crazy if I don't create. I am starting to work on a pair of jeans. Once again, I am working from the Sew U book. The pattern looks pretty great, but I won't know til I stitch it up.
I went to Jomar to get muslin (thin white cotton material that you use to make a practice garment) and some stretch denim. The guy who cut my material was giving out great advice to a woman in front of me in line, so I decided to ask him for help. He gave me lots of great advice, and told me which muslin to buy, and told me just to make ONE leg of the pants. Genius! He also told me about the brown paper that he uses to trace his patterns onto in order to make them more durable.
I am at the point where I have just started stitching the muslin pants up:Jomar stealsmuslin pants

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  1. if you only make one leg, where does your other leg go?