It's been a while since I've posted!
Here are some photos to sum things up. But before I forget, I really, really love drying my clothes outside. Is this a normal obsession?
Stack of Diapers
The diapers I'm working on for Fern. I am SO over using prefolds with the snappi, it's just downright DANGEROUS with 2 toddlers around.
Princess Box
Sage's princesses.
outside for lunchThe girls outside for lunch. This weather is absolutely PERFECT. I'm cold inside, hot in the sun. No heat, no A.C. Sun, wind. Ahh.
I took a 40 minute bike ride today on my road bike. Wow, what a weird experience. It is so different from the track bike. I love both of them. I love bikes. The wind was so strong today that when I got to the river, I couldn't go more than 13 m.p.h. into the wind, and then coming back I was going 23/24 m.p.h. That was fun!!! 4 weeks til the Broad Street Run.
I think that's it for now.

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