teething again?

I think that S is teething again. I'm not sure if she is just sick and cranky, or she is getting four big molars (her two year molars). She has been so annoyed with everything lately, and taking it out on all of us.
As you can see, F's tummy is upset from her Amoxicillin, and she blows out of her diaper routinely, in two or more places. I had to take a picture, I couldn't resist.
In less messy news, the other photo is of the freehand embroidery I've been doing. It's a goat, if you can't tell. I am so excited. This onesie is going to my nephew, and we'll see how well it wears.
Both girlies are sleeping, thank God. It's too windy to have F outside today, so I have no idea how we're going to pass the next 5 hours.

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