No pictures for today. If I were to post one, it would be the insides of a wet, gnarly tissue, barely able to contain the thick mucous that my nose is currently producing. Needless to say, that was probably enough of a description.
Right now I am running a slight fever and my head is pounding. The Advil should kick in soon to relieve me, and I just took a washcloth/sink shower (T is working on caulking our tub again, for the 4th time. I am trying to be patient this time so the job is actually successful), and I am sipping some tea, and I put fresh clothes on. Soon, DH will be picking up some RED MEAT for me, at Hikari. Does anyone (ALL THOSE READERS I HAVE!!!!!) know about The Blood Type Diet? Based on my blood type, O, I should be eating lots of red meat and I thrive on serious workouts. Well, I know the latter is true. I might try it out for a bit. Not necessarily to lose weight, but just because I am curious and have never tried eating a lot of red meat (in fact, I pretty much hate it). I have been vegan and gluten-free before though. No comment on that.
DH is watching Beowulf right now. How interesting ((gross)).
It's meat time.

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