still sick.

Yes, I am still really sick. I started using grapefruit seed extract in my nose and internally two days ago. It seems to be helping, I guess. Of course still using the standard Advil and Sudafed.
More importantly, today is our second day of NO TV. That's right, we took our TV and put it in the basement yesterday (ok, by "we" I mean DH). Numerous reasons behind this change, both practical and philosophical. Today was tough, S kept asking for movies and TV, mostly because of my lack of energy for creativity with her, and the fact we couldn't really go out and play due to the rain. I have already felt more productive, and even went for a bit of a jog tonight!! Even though I didn't get more than two hours of sleep at a time last night because of F. She has ear infection #3, woohoo! Hopefully tonight the amoxicillin will have kicked in a little bit more and she'll be in less pain. She has been nursing a ton this last week, I guess going through a growth spurt. She is looking real chubby! And that paired with poor naps and poor sleep means more time on the boob. Fun! We still have thrush. Fun! But yeah, back to the good part about the TV, I am really glad we got rid of it, and DH and I can still watch our Netflix on our computer.
Other good news: I started cloth diapering part-time again. I have both girls in g-Diapers covers, but with handmade inserts/prefolds and a fleece liner. Going fine so far, and I think with two in diapers I will just keep it simple with two covers and do wash frequently. Of course, disposables at night and nap time.

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  1. yay! You're posting!

    Also, you are very brave to get rid of the tv. Very brave.