Hmm, for some reason I thought we were done with it. Apparently not. Fern, Sage, and I are all sick. Tray is on the mend, thanks to his steroidal nasal spray and heavy-duty anti-histamine. Sage has gross nose and cough, but thankfully her fever is gone and she is generally more accepting of life right now. Fern I think has another ear infection. Yes, number three. She has been up a lot at night, not taking good naps, is cranky, and she has a cough and snotty nose. The rash she had the other day was possibly just her body reacting to a new virus (probably the one Sage gave us). I have a nose running like a faucet, a fever, a terrible sinus headache, an achy body, I can feel fluid in my left ear, and general malaise. SO FUN. I have bypassed tissues and gone right to cloth diapers, that is how gross my nose is.
However, GOOD NEWS IS HERE (I forced myself to do something productive because I was starting to feel overcome with "poor me"'s): I took some old juice bottles (big ones) that we have been trying to recycle (for some reason the city refuses to take our recyclables) and cut their tops off to make bigger containers for my beefsteak tomato plants. A few of them were starting to wither because they had run out of room. Hopefully they'll continue to flourish. I also cultivated the soil a little bit in the backyard, and I kind of want to put some flowers in there. The soil isn't very deep, so I don't see any fruit plants surviving very long. I would actually prefer my husband to build some planter boxes or raised beds. However, for him to have the time to do that would require me to have both kids for some large chunks of time, and right now I have my fill of them. HA!
I am currently trying to refinish a bookshelf. I have never done this before. I don't know what color or what I'm planning on doing. I started sanding, and in typical Marni fashion, I'm already burnt out. I need a Dremmel or something. It is not only boring, but tedious, and the dust goes everywhere (I am doing it outside, don't worry). This is the point in all projects I so vigorously start that I need to remind myself not to give into my lazy human nature, to stick it out, put the hard work in, and persist.
Alright, I need to go fix myself a vitamin and Advil coctail.

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