i went for a ride on this today. after being in the best shape of my life a year ago, it's tough to be so soft and cuddly sometimes. but i'm trying to remember this is such a short phase of life (breastfeeding and having two tiny ones). the bike ride was SUPER fun, i love the new bike. i went down to the river via spring garden street and rode for a little ways on the river path. it was a beautiful day out. it was great to have some time to myself also. i could tell my body had some memory of what it was doing, and now at the same time it's screaming out, "what have you done to me?" when really that would've been a super easy ride before.
now i'm making dinner (i can't remember the last time i did that!!)...zucchini cakes and fries ().
i worked on some bike hats today (tray takes sage to work with him on Sundays). I got exhausted. I am doing assembly-line style so it's hard to be patient with the finished product.
The Trenton Avenue Arts Festival was really, really cool yesterday. I wish it went on every weekend. In bad news, I saw my stuff still hadn't sold pretty late in the day. Oh well! There were a lot of really cool vendors and super cool people, it made me feel proud to live here and proud to be a part of something that cool!

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