Well-Tailored Suit

I've been tagged for the first time! By Leann. The name of the game is always/never. Rules of the game : list five always-and-forever and five not-so-favorite fashion-related items, add any image(s) you’d like, then tag three other people to do the same.

1) well-tailored suit
2) hoodies
3) anything bedazzled
4) black or brown cowgirl boots
5) gold

Leslie Hall

1) wedge sneakers
2) tassles
3) anything with a sports team logo
4) capris
5) striped knee-socks

Now, I choose to tag: Melissa, Rose, and Tray. Ok, that was really hard to come up with 3 people. Sad!


  1. haha! leslie hall is awesome! we watch her on Yo Gabba Gabba sometimes! Im glad you stopped by and left a comment, otherwise I would have never known about your blog...looks like we have alot in common..