I am trying to post today. Amid piles of laundry and girls covered in sugar from tea parties and now I've got them playing in the bathroom sink so I can write. Is it worth it?
cuddling kittens
These cuties have certainly made their place in our home. I am really loving having them around, and so are the girls and Tray.

I am working on a shirt from a vintage McCall's pattern, pictures soon I hope.

We went to The Piazza at Schmidt's at least twice this weekend. It is certainly the destination for longer walks. There was music time for kids on Saturday, and then fun music and hanging out on Sunday.
We also walked a block to the Crane Arts Building for 'Art for the Cash Poor' on Saturday afternoon. It was so cool! Plus, there was music! It was so cool to be so close to home and be able to check out these events. It made me love our neighborhood!

Welcome to the world, Penelope! And congratulations Keenan family! She is beautiful and certainly a little blessing!


  1. what sweet kitties! Where did they come from?

  2. 1. the kittens are adorable. i'm so glad you guys were able to find good pets. i bet sage and fern love them.

    2. we walked down to the piazza on sunday too. really cool place.