povertyjane is holding a giveaway! check it out at her blog. she is a super cool mama of tons of kiddos, and they all live in the woods and live off the land (mostly). a hero of mine.

Today is Sage's birthday. Happy birthday girl, I love you so. You've been a sage since your birthday, when you came out at home despite complications and insanity. You sure weren't an 'Annabelle' then (our intended name for a girl), and you continue today with your bold, strong-willed personality. I love your spirit, you love to run around naked, screaming, and you love to dance. Here's to another great year!!
holding sage


  1. 3 years plus 1 day
    Sage i love ya

  2. oh bless! looks like you had a homebirth? did you have a midwife? I would love to hear your birth story...Congrats on 1 year!

  3. Hey there!
    Don't have your email so Im posting on your blog..looks like you and one other person win the game we all played over on my blog! lol! only 2 of you signed up and I want to split the winnings, so to speak. But I was thinking how cute would it be to make both of your girls the same pants in their own size? Let me know how old each one is and I will get on it and mail you your package. Let me know your mailing address over my email povertyjane@yahoo.com and Ill send it out next week.
    Many Blessings!

  4. Uncle Brian loves you dearly sage duffy