Last night I gave Fern some Benadryl at bedtime. It was a recommendation of my mom's.
Let's just say I could get used to this. My brain and body feel quite, quite different.
She went to sleep without crying (that never happens), she slept without waking until 1:30 AM (that never happens either, she usually wakes twice before 10 PM, and then again around 11 where she will cry for an hour til I nurse her, and then she will cry when I try to lay her back down in her crib), and then she went right back to sleep in her crib without crying (after nursing her at 1:30), which never happens, and then I HAD TO WAKE HER UP AT 8:20. This is quite strange. I don't quite know what to think yet. Besides the fact I will be giving her Benadryl tonight.


  1. sounds like a nice break in a rough season

  2. wow. i can't imagine how hard this is! and yet i can.... we've had a few weeks of scattered sleeping patterns. i really hope that the ENT has some strong help for her. todd had tubes when he was younger, and now he is the best listener i've ever met. maybe i should have gotten them when i was a babe :)