circle thrift

So, I have really enjoyed circle thrift lately. My friend Lois goes all the time with her little ones. I was always intimidated by the prospect of being half-way done and having two screaming kids, but a little candy helps everything. Plus, there is a toy aisle, so if Sage starts to whine, I bribe her with a trip down the toy aisle. I have decided that I am going to try to donate a bag of stuff we aren't using RIGHT NOW to circle every week. Sage asked if we could get some new toys yesterday, and I said, "If we donate a whole box of your toys, we can bring home one new toy from here." So that's what we'll do next time. I am hoping it will help us keep our tiny house a little less cluttered, plus it will be a good exercise for the pack-rat in me.
I got new shoes yesterday! I am really excited about them! My other sneakers have been hurting my feet. Plus, we didn't have a salt shaker, so I am excited to not accidentally dump a huge pile of salt on my eggs!!
I like the whole process of the thrift store-that it employs people, that it gives people somewhere to shop, and that it's so green. Also, my friend Carina has been taking beautiful photos of her finds at her new blog. Cool. Here are the things I got yesterday, for a total of $13.
thrift store snags


  1. sweet. what a great practice for your kids to learn!

  2. nice!! Im enjoying thrift stores lately too, and wish I could find a way like carina to show the things I buy!

  3. i was admiring your shoes this morning at playgroup. way to go on the cool scores!

  4. I just put those sneakers out yesterday, and thought they were so cute!

  5. whoa! those golas are amazing. i still have a pair from 4 years ago....this is jeremy from up the block btw