Birthday Girl

Fern had a pretty awesome birthday. It started with Mommy getting to sleep in til 9 (what!?!?! thanks, hub), then our neighbors came over with a cake for a morning party!!, then we headed to grandma's house where all the aunts and uncles congregated with both grandmas and pop-pop in attendance. There was an entire cake destroyed by the baby hands, delicious chili and my mom's fudgie budgie pie (tray's favorite), lots of jumping on beds and carrying on by the older cousins, and general merry making. I didn't bring my camera to the grandparents party (awesome mom moment, and to think I was at one time a potential photography major), but here are some from the AM party. Thank you to Lois, Jesse, Madeline and Jane for being awesome!!!
Morning Birthday PartyBlurry Birthday candle
She finished off her day by starting a new cold, and keeping mama up nursing all night (maybe her idea of a party? she WAS singing and carrying on a bit)!?!


  1. Is that all we are, neighbors?!? Sheesh, I thought we were friends! ha ha!

  2. obviously friends, i was just bragging to the cyber world that you're neighbors too. hah!!

  3. sounds like a great party day. happy birthday fern!