Cloth Menstrual Pads and Writing to the President

Today Sage saw the Obama sticker on the back of my cell phone. She started asking me all kinds of questions about him, like where he lives and everything. I showed her a picture of the White House, and told her about other presidents (there is a picture of George Washington on the White House website). I told her that presidents are in charge of our country, etc. etc. and that some of them are on our money. She said, "Is Wama on our moneys?"
"Well, no, he just became president."
(In an effort to avoid 10 million "why"s), "He just became President, but do you think he should be on some money? Why don't we write him a letter and tell him we think he should be on money?"
That followed with lots of questions about why we need money, and then we sat down to make our letter. It quickly changed into Sage wanting me to draw monsters and dinosaurs, and then she got all mad that I was trying to make it a letter:
Sage cranky
Okay, I should be doing homework. But lastly, here are the cloth menstrual pads finished, an improved method:
Cloth pads


  1. it might be a federal offense to send menstrual pads to the president, be careful.