Video Submission

I was going to wait til the contest was over, but something tells me I don't really need to worry about it (no, not because I am going to win, but rather, because I don't think anyone is going to "steal" my idea...duh!! ha.). This is the video that Tray, Sage, Fern and I made to enter to win a new sewing machine. Pretty fun! I did all of the editing, and it was a good learning process. It felt good to have a challenge in front of me and a need to think creatively again, including a deadline.
Now, back to that dress I started making:


  1. cute video - we hope you win. I'd give it to you.

  2. o my! you better win. the smoke was awesome!!!

  3. marni, you're just cool. i loved it. and does your machine really smoke? i mean, isn't that a hazard, seriously?? hilarious. but a little worrisome. i realllllly hope that you win, i think you have a good shot. Lord, give her the machine?

  4. seriously fantastic. I wish I had the inside track and I could say for a fact that you would win but...

    you'll win.

  5. awesome freaking video! how's your tension today?