Vacation has taken on a new meaning since having kids, as anyone with kids understands. It now involves a lot of mental strenth to persevere through the tough moments and lots of energy to make the memories happen. After getting burned HARDCORE when we went to Family Camp the first year, when Sage was 8 weeks old, I realized fully that vacation is different. Not necessarily worse, or better, just different. My own desires and goals and attempts are now secondary or tertiary, to those of my kids and husband. Once I was able to let that sink in, I was able to approach vacations with a much more rational mindset: don't expect a pre-kid vacation! Tray insisted that we fly this year, and rent a car, so I submitted, and I expected a challenging trip. He, however, expected smooth flying and smooth vaca. The first two days or so took a little adjustment on his part, and it was tough for me to enjoy myself when he was kind of miserable. After all, it is my family's "thing", and I can see how it would be tough to try to enjoy yourself.
It is important to remember that, even if you think you're taking a shortcut, things are still tough. Flying was not easy in any sense of the term, but it was quicker than driving 20 hours.

Here are a few pictures:
crazy faceour cabindaddy and sage 2marni, judy, and fernwalking the trail
What a treat to be in the woods, under tall, old pine trees, surrounded by old friends and my family, soaking in the smell of green. Hearing birds, water lapping, streams flowing, and children playing. I loved every minute of it. I wish I could say I was happy to be back in the city, but landing into this smog and dirt, I can't wait until we can live out in the country, or at least some small town!
ps-Fern and I took another trip to the ER,...another ear infection. But she's golden now.

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