Fern updated

Fern is doing well. I think the antibiotics are already helping, though I am still giving her ibuprofen/tylenol as needed.
Lois and I have our triathlon in like 18 hours. WOH! Exciting! We just went to the information session and registration, and it was fun and exciting. Also super nice that I left Sage with Jesse and he handled the three kids great! I am super impressed. He didn't seemed phased at all when we came back, even handling TWO two-year-olds who are both learning to potty train, and a 16 month old!! I am pumped for the tri tomorrow and I think it's going to be super fun, and it looks like tomorrow's high will only be like 84, which to me sounds GREAT.
Not much else is new...I am still recovering from the other night's lack of sleep it feels like. I feel like I am dragging hardcore and am going to nap for a bit while the girls are down.
In potty news, Sage seems to really like being potty trained. I am excited for her excitement.
Oh, and before I forget about that (poop). Is there anyone out there with a baby that is like 0-6 months old that is interested in trying cloth diapers? Fern has grown out of her size smalls, and I would love to not only get someone else into cloth diapering (or at least try it), but also get some feedback about what they do/don't like about my diapers. Get back to me on that via the comments. I would give away the used ones and if then be willing to discuss prices on some more new ones. Thanks!

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  1. Go girl, kick it out today. and yes i would be interested in talking re: diapers.