hair, wrap, and gear

I cut my hair yesterday. It was liberating. I have been wanting to do it lately, purely out of frustration with my hair being in my eyes all day long. Usually it is the last straw (both kids going crazy, me being super hot, and on top of it all, HAIR IN MY EYES). It's really nice to have it out of my eyes.
I made a this for a friend's birthday, and I am pretty happy with how it came out. I made the bias tape and I love the colors. I am not one for picking out color well, but these ones are good together. Maybe because they're all by the same designer!!?! Ha.
gratitude wrapgratitude wrap
Lastly, Sage is pretty into my workout equipment. I am signing up to do another triathlon, so I am gonna kick up my training as much as I can. I got out my swimming gear yesterday and she was playing with it all.
sewing equipment

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