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hmm, well, this photo sums it up pretty well. let's hope it works:
I made a dress form, in order to make some clothes. On the table behind it, you'll see a pile of clean clothes waiting to be folded and returned to their rightful place. Also, you'll see 2 books. One book is about breastfeeding, the other about sewing. The breastfeeding book was found in the library today as I browsed the parenting section (Browsing made possible by hubby's day off). Nursing has been tough lately. While it's only 8 PM as I type, I am exhausted as Fern was up a lot last night. She has been biting a lot, as well as pinching me while she nurses, and she is still refusing formula or breastmilk from any cups or bottles or straws. I feel like our nursing relationship is beyond 'on the rocks', and all I want is out. I am resentful most of the time of her nursing, and have ceased to enjoy what should be special time with her. I screamed so loud this morning when she bit me that I felt like I woke the neighbors...and I feel like it just puts me over the edge on most days. But, I am trying to accept that, maybe this is where God has me right now. Maybe this difficult relationship, this trying time, this struggle of wills, is where I need to be. Maybe there is something to be learned here, and certainly something to be gained for both of us. I hope that the book helps in some way. Dr. Sears both rubs me the wrong way but also appeals to a part of my heart.
The sewing book is awesome so far, and I greatly anticipate sewing some clothes for myself soon, and getting experience sewing 'big people' clothes (not baby clothes!). Hopefully "Big Mama" (what we are calling my dressform) will be helpful in fitting.
And yes, the laundry got folded. AND put away! That's a miracle.
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  1. I'm sorry to hear about the biting. Wow, that sounds brutal.

    Sharp pointy teeth.

    That dress form is insanely creative. I've always wanted one but I'm obviously clearly not creative enough to have come up with something like that on my own.

  2. hah, you make it sound like I invented the idea....far from it! http://etsylabs.blogspot.com/2007/03/dress-form-tutorial-want-to-make-exact.html

  3. when my kids bit I would yell too-- on purpose- a loud "No" usually startled them enough to stop, and then they would cry and get back on. But it got the point across (eventually) that biting was not allowed. How often is she nursing? (You can email me if you want some advice)