I have been sewing a lot, and thinking a lot about sewing. I am working on some diapers for Fern. They are pocket All-In-Ones, which means they are stuff-able diaper covers. I place a prefolded diaper (or microfiber shop towel from Target) inside of them, and then they go on. The reason I am making a pocket style, as opposed to just making All-in-ones, is because I like being able to dry them with less energy (sometimes drying an all-in-one can take more than two full dry cycles, and that is just wasteful). I am really happy with this pattern that I've made, kind of combining a bunch of patterns I have into one.
In other news, I am training for the SheRox Triathlon. I decided I need a goal, and I need to be exercising. I have not been back in the water, but I hope to go to some open-water swims in New Jersey. I am least worried about that. I am eating a lot of MEAT. YUM. And avoiding lots of gluten and all dairy for the most part. Feeling good! Strong! Loving exercising (it's early in the game, it's always fun at this point).
Anyone have the nike+ kit? I have been using mine and loving it.


  1. you are so talented! I really wish I could sew (so does my daughter who wants me to teach her!)

  2. girl, you inspire me
    love you
    call me