cutest little worry wart this side of the Mississip

Fernie is such a little worrier. She was born with those big huge eyes, and I just feel like the first thing I said as I pulled her to my chest when she was born was, "It's okay baby, it's okay. You don't have to worry about it for a couple years."
She just always has either a worried look on her face, or she is cracking up. I love that she is so expressive. Every day she seems to do something new, and that is so fun. She is grabbing her feet, rolling onto her tummy, grabbing toys and bringing them to her mouth, making funny noises with her slobbery mouth, and trying to buck out of her swings and seats. I can tell she is a very intelligent baby, and I can already see her as a young girl with glasses and books and just nerdy as anything, doing Sage's homework for her while Sage is out partying or drag racing.
The wool diaper cover is a new one, another size small. I have yet to put it to use. But I DID change the grossest poo diaper EVER recorded in history today, in a cloth, and I just threw away the diaper, it was that gross. When will the girl use the pot?
I have lots of diapers cut and ready to assemble/sew. Keep your eyes peeled (or your fingers clicking here) for more info.
OK I need to go and actually talk to my husband. You would think cutting the TV would help us actually interact, but marriage is proving challenging with two kids regardless of what distractions we do or do not have. Can I get an AMEN on that?


  1. amen, yes
    we cut our tv (for the most part) and are still having the same challenge. maybe i need to cut the internet??

  2. and btw, maybe i can order the first cloth diaper? could you email me and let me order one, eh?