the artist as a young girl

Hmm, well, Fern has another ear infection. This past week has been very challenging. I have decided, well, Tray and I have decided, that we are going to put Sage in some sort of day care 2 days a week. She has been super tough lately, just getting very frustrated easily, tough to keep happy, asking to be held every time I need to nurse Fern, hitting and throwing and hurting Fern, and throwing tantrums a lot. We are both so annoyed and at our wit's end. Financially, it doesn't make much sense, but if I don't get a break from her I think I am going to lose it even more than I already have! I think time away from me, and time with other kids and adults will be good for her, and time away from our tiny house. Some days it feels like naps keep us inside til 4 PM, at which point we're all hungry and cranky and there's traffic everywhere. Part of me feels guilty that I can't do it myself, but I am trying to accept that it's okay. Doing afternoons and evenings 3-4 nights a week alone has been really tough lately (amen Allie??!). So we'll see how that goes, and maybe I will be more patient and creative with her in the time we're together.
The paintings are her first finger paintings. Like every parent I told myself I would never be, I am so proud of them.
The dress is her new fairy dress from her cousins, who are in town for a month from Brazil. She isn't sure about dress-up yet, but I know it'll be out of control in a couple months.

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  1. amen, friend. sorry, i'm late reading this, catching up on all of my blog reading due to my own sort of break down guilt laden anxiety provoking type of week(s). but i catch your vibes on all of these posts, baby. it's funny, todd and i just had the same discussion and decision re: preschool for Levi in the fall. it must be that time.