My Husband Is Awesome...

And here is the proof. He is the one wearing the red and blue jersey.
I will admit, Saturday mornings when Tray goes to ride and then to work are usually very challenging. But it is good to see he is out doing fun stuff.

I was the hardest core ever tonight. I told myself I won the "Hardest Trainer Ever" Award because I rode for an hour in rain, thunder, lightening, and ridiculous wind that was blowing pollen into my eyeballs at 18 mph with no glasses on. I am glad I got out for the ride, but it was certainly mentally challenging until I accepted the situation and turned it into something positive.
In other hardcore training news, Thursday night Lois and I did an open-water swim at Lake Wenonah, in NJ. It was SO MUDDY, I was covered in mud afterwards and my bathing suit will be permanently dirty. I am still scraping dirt out of my ears.

Have not sewn in a couple days...weird!

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