being sick and getting down

I have started the new year with a sinus infection. On Christmas Eve I started feeling sick with a fever, and I've been sick since then. It is getting to the exhausted point, especially with a newborn and two other kids. When you have kids you just CAN'T rest when you need to or want to. I am trying to keep my chin up, but on top of not having any personal time in 3 months, I am feeling quite down. There is just so much sewing, reading, creating, exercising, shaving, and QUIET I am needing. Not to mention health. At least I have two things to look forward to: my sister-in-law is watching the girls overnight in a couple days (IF we don't get the stomach bug, as Sage's classmate barfed all over in class today), and in a week, Ryder will be old enough to go to babysitting at the YMCA so I can get a break, sweat a little, and maybe even take a hot, quiet shower.
They are pretty cute though, right? Oh, and Ry giggled for the first time today when I tickled him!!!

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