Washing wool cloth diaper covers in your washing machine

So sometimes, if you have a couple wool items that need to be washed, it makes sense to do a load of wool items in your machine. Maybe you have two kids in wool diaper covers, or you are washing your longies at the end of the winter. Here is my method for washing wool items in my machine (basically pulled right from the Eucalan bottle!):
-set the water temperature to cold/cold (or warm/warm if your hot water heater isn't set too high)
-set the load size (probably small)
-set your machine to 'delicate' and start it up
-add your Eucalan or wool wash with lanolin, following instructions for amounts (I do like 2-3 capfulls for a small load)
-add your wool items, turning wool diaper covers inside-out before adding them
-allow machine to agitate the items for a couple minutes, then turn the machine off
-let items sit for 15-30 minutes
-set machine to spin (still on delicate)
-when items are done, hang them to dry, being careful to lay items flat so they dry nicely and without any wrinkles/creases
That's it! Now here's a plug for another baby doll sling, because Fern was my little helper this morning for a photo shoot. Anyone have hints for natural hair care for curly hair? This girl gets dreadlocks every night!!

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