Today is the last day in a very difficult personal year. I cannot remember ever feeling this way on New Year's Eve: just wanting the day and year to be over and behind us.
Do not get me wrong, so many blessings came our way, the biggest of which is our dear son. However, this was our first full year without my mom. Doing each thing without her was so hard, to say the least. Pregnancy was hard, painful, and HOT. There was the surgery that my 2 year old endured (preceded by a tough stay in the hospital). There was my husbands lay off from work (which was a blessing in disguise in many ways). And these three months of colic have been enough for me. Thank God it's pretty much done.
But, I did graduate from college! And our son was born at home safely and peacefully. And my little home business has flourished in it's own little mini way.
2010, goodbye. There is a strange sense of peace that comes from surviving this year without Mom. And I am so happy to say that I feel her with me and around me more now than this time last year.
2011, bring it on!

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