Wet Bags

What is a wet bag? A wet bag is a cute little zipper or drawstring bag that is waterproof. I use mine to put dirty diapers in while I am out of the house, until I get home and (hopefully) remember to put the diapers and bag into the diaper pail.
I make mine with cute outer materials, either from my stash or from dead stock material. The inner waterproof layer is sewn separately from the outer layer, making for a very waterproof system. I have been sewing wet bags for three years now, and feel confident about my product. I have fixed issues with zippers and seams and material. I have a handful of wet bags in my shop now and a few more to list. Check them out! There are two sizes, small and large. Small is best suited for 1-2 diapers or a bunch of cloth wipes. The large ones feature a strap with a snap to attach the bag to your stroller or wrist or whatever.

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