Can you believe that this little angel is a screamer? Well, the last couple days have been fine, but it's been a rough month.
I don't know if any of your kids had colic, or were incredibly needy or fussy, but it is really rough. There are tons of things to read on the internet or in books about causes and ways to treat it. I found that certain things worked at certain times, and sometimes nothing helped. Here are some things I used when a screaming bout would start: belly massage, white noise, metronome at 60 bpm, homeopathic colic medicine, bach rescue remedy, different holding positions and gentle swaying, walking him around, changing his diaper, and putting him in his swing for a minute so I could compose myself when I started to feel resentful/angry/impatient/frustrated. This break helped me feel creative again to help troubleshoot and think of new things to try to help him. One thing that helped me a lot is Dr. Sears' philosophy that the colicky baby is a hurting baby. When I can approach it knowing that baby is in pain, it's sometimes easier to keep my cool.
Thankfully the last couple days have been great, and it is so nice to see him happy and bubbly and content.
Today while he and Fern napped, I made some slippers. They were supposed to be for Fern, but they're too big for her. She doesn't like them anyways, so hopefully they will fit Sage. Another reason I don't often make things for my kids: I spend hours designing and sewing during precious alone time, and then they don't even like the item or use it!! I love Wooly Baby slippers, but they are out of my price range unfortunately.
Do or did your baby have colic? How did you get through that time? Do you feel good about how you handled it? How did your partner help you and baby? Did your baby with colic go on to be a fussy toddler or child?

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