Placenta and Pads

Last weekend the girls and I went to the Finger Lakes area of NY to go to my mom's family reunion. It was a great trip, flickr photos here. 
In baby news: at my 20 week ultrasound, there was concern about my placenta being low. I had an ultrasound this morning that showed it has moved up and plenty far out of the way! Yay!
Also, there was fluid in the baby's kidneys at 20 weeks, much like Fern had in utero, but that has also resolved itself. Double YAY!! I cried tears of joy after the technician was finishing up.
In sewing news: I listed some reusable nursing pads in my shop:

I am also getting started sewing my VeryBaby Babymoon Postpartum Pads and may sell them in my Etsy shop if I have time to get more sewn.
We are planning on having a home birth with this baby, and I have to start getting the stuff together for that as well. I want to have a birth tub (our bathtub is so small I already can't fit in it), and I am considering just getting a toddler pool so that we can use it after the birth.

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