Sage and I just went to Boston for a couple of days. We took the Bolt Bus up, and she was quite a trooper. The trip up was pretty smooth, but the return trip featured 11 hours of traveling, and a bus for almost 5 hours that didn't have air conditioning or windows. Rough.
We visited my Aunt Lisa and my Aunt Delores. They live in Somerville, and they watched Sage so I could walk to Harvard Square by myself and peek into some cute shops (without toddlers dangling off of me, breaking things, screaming and whining). That was refreshing and restorative!
Here is Sage on our first bus:
And here is a picture of the coolest playground I've seen in my adult years:
playground in boston that was awesome
A great mix of natural elements that really fostered a sense of creativity and imagination, while still being relatively safe and enclosed. So cool!
I really enjoyed spending time with my aunts, and getting to see my brother and his girlfriend was really nice.
Sage got to see the tree we planted for my mom in May, and we spent a lot of time talking about my mom and crying and missing her, which feels good and right.

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  1. sounds like a great and therpeutic trip marnie.. i hope to see that tree someday..

    love brian