Great News

After a trip to the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia this morning, I am very pleased to report that this little beauty has a kidney that is very healthy! She had an ultrasound to check on the status of her kidney that was operated on in February. The surgeon said it looked great and he was so pleased that he doesn't want to see us for another year! Of course, we have to be on the lookout for bladder or urinary tract infections, but what a great report!!
In rebourne news, I have been crocheting some organic cotton soap savers for Lisa of Volta Organics.
Organic cotton soap savers


  1. So glad she is doing well! I love those eyes and curls.

    Also, I thought of you when I saw this totally cute "monster" pencil case. It has eyes above the zipper and two little teeth along the zipper. I thought, "Marni could totally make this!" If you made some and sold them on Etsy, I would buy it!

  2. i love you Fern francis!! Uncle brian